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Success Stories - Slicker Trucking Inc

Dave Byers
Slicker Trucking Inc.
Medina, OH 

In 2007, Dave Byers was driving a FedEx truck for another contractor but wanted to break out to start his own business.  Here’s how he did it:

"Let me start by saying,  not only did Bush Truck Leasing have a part in the success of my business but BTL was one of the building blocks that really set the foundation for my business to even exist.  BTL understands the dynamics of the delivery business and my specific independent contractor relationship. 

In 2007, I was driving for another contractor.  I was young and had very little equity in my credit history.  The truck that I was purchasing was well worth its value and with an adequate credit score BTL approved me for my first truck.  1 Truck and 1 Driver, me, that is where my story began. I had since then purchased and/or refinanced several trucks to support the additional work.

Most recently, I found a truck in Las Vegas NV and I was under contract to get a truck on the road FAST.  BTL worked with me to get this truck financed, DOT approved for my business and delivered to Ohio within 1 week.  Now, my business continues to grow and thrive. 

The time and dedication that Lisa Bush and the other sales representatives have given me has really allowed my business to grow seamlessly.  I don't make money unless my drivers have good quality and safe trucks on the road.  Working with BTL, I always know there is a quality truck and affordable financing available to me when I need it."

- Dave Byers


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